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    Skal Boston send delegate to Skal International World Congress in Torremolinos Spain

    Skal International held their World Congress in Torremolinos, Spain October 28 – November 1.  Holly Powers, Skal Boston SIUSA Representative represented Skal Boston.  This event ended our Club of the Year status and Holly help present the award to Hobart, New Zealand, this years recipient.  Orange Coast, Australia came in second and Ft Lauderdale/Palm Beaches and Tuscon were tied for third place.  Congratulation to all the finalists.  Skal Boston was given a commemorative plaque of our having won this prestigious award last year. Delegates from all over the United States and the World participated.  The newly elected international officers were elected and the are: Nigel Pilkington, President from New Zealand…

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    October Skal Boston meeting “Where everyone knows your name”

    On October 15, Skal Boston members met at the Hampshire House on Beacon Street in Boston, the home of “Cheers”, “where everyone knows your name”! Tom Kershaw, owner and Skal Boston member hosted our members to a wonderful luncheon in this historic facility on Beacon Street across from the Boston Public Gardens.  Tom gave the Skal Toast and welcomed members and guests to this famous landmark.  The luncheon was delicious.  Club members greeted the chef and staff with a hardy round of applause. Many members enjoyed an after drink at Cheers! ankara escort çankaya escort ankara escort çankaya escort escort ankara çankaya escort escort bayan çankaya istanbul rus escort eryaman…

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    Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum location for September Meeting

    On a warm September night, Skal International Boston held an evening meeting at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.  Members got to participate in a reenactment of the historic meeting at Boston’s Old North Church that lead up to the start of the Revolutionary War.  They were introduced to the patriots who were ready to lose everything for freedom.  Members also had a chance toss tea into Boston Harbor and then view one of the two remaining tea boxes that survived the incident. Shawn Ford, Boston Skal member, Past President and current Vice President of the Tea Party Museum hosted the evening and gave the Skal Toast.  After visiting…

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