Join Skal

Who is eligible to join?

Membership of Skål is open to managers or executives directly involved in tourism management, sales and promotions, in specified travel and tourism businesses, including: transportation (airlines, cruise lines, railways, ferries), travel and tour operators and agencies, tourism organizations, governments and non-government tourism councils, hotels, convention centers, travel media; etc.

Why should I join?

The international friendship and close personal contact of Skål must be experienced to be appreciated.

“Doing Business among friends”. Skål is not a community organization like Rotary or Lions, rather it benefits and develops the professional sector, while assisting the community at large. Skål is an Association of Tourism professionals which encourages and creates a network of professionals around the world. It promotes seminars and conferences to strengthen the industry’s professionalism.

Through participation in local activities and events at all levels, members meet industry colleagues from around the world. Skål members should promote the organization, the formation of new Clubs and recruit qualified members.

How to join?

Those interested in membership must attend at least three Club meetings nearby or while traveling on business or leisure. Download and complete a copy of the Skål International Membership proposal Form and submit it to the Boston Skal International Club Membership Coordinator (Carrie Campbell – Prospective members must be endorsed by two current members. The membership coordinator will bring it to the board to discuss and vote on. If approved, the membership coordinator will fill out the online application which will go through the online process for approval from the local Executive and National Committees. Final approval must be obtained from Skål International.

What are the benefits of Membership?

  • The network of Skål Members worldwide is now accessible via the Skål website at www.Skå Information on members around the world is at your fingertips.
  • Skål Members are welcome at all meetings around the world. Wherever you travel, you can access a network of Skål friends and colleagues.
  • Skål News, a magazine published quarterly, is a medium for information about the organization and an avenue for advertising exposure to 20,000 industry professionals.
  • Through contributions from Clubs around the world, the Florimond Volckaert Fund assists any Skål member in times of financial need or crisis.
  • The Skål International Membership Card entitles members to discounts at some participating outlets, provided by Skål Members.