Pay your new member dues online now!

  • NEW MEMBERS – INITIATION FEE & DUES:  New members pay a one time initiation fee of $200, plus the $250 annual membership dues, and a $15 processing fee.
  • MEMBER DUES:  Members renewing their dues pay a $250 annual membership fee.
  • SKAL YEARLY LIFE/RETIRED MEMBERS: Yearly Life/Retired Members renewing their dues pay a $150 annual membership fee.

New for 2021: 

  • Hardship Rate: $190.00 (must be approved by the Club President in advance)

How to Use Skal Websites

It’s your responsibility to advise SKAL of your latest contact information. This is extremely important since you will receive no communication from the over 20,000 members who may wish to contact you for social or business purposes, not to mention your own club information. Here is how to access the Skal International website where you can get contacts for any member in the world. This is very valuable for making business contacts, accessing contacts in cities that may be helpful when you travel and finding out of the local Skal club has a meeting while you are there. It’s always a great experience to attend another club’s meeting…as a Skalleague you are always welcome.

Go to

On the right hand of the page click on “members only area”

Enter your last name and membership number shown on the Skal membership card which is given to you annually. Click send.

To update your contact information click “modification of personal data”. Click send.

To access membership lists for any club in the Skal world. Click clubs.

Do this now please to check your data for correctness. Also send an E-Mail to updating your information for club purposes.

You can also explore the Skal International website as a member for interesting operation on the magnitude of the world’s largest tourist organization of which you are a member.

This is the site for Skal International USA which is our national committee.

If you put in the e-mail you have on the Skal International club roster as user and Skal as the password, you should be able to enter the site. Here you will find some other clubs’ special events, nominations for office, insurance information, etc.

to learn more about joining Skal Boston, click here