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    Annual Holiday Party and Fundraiser a Great Success

    Skal Boston held their annual Holiday Party and fundraiser again this year at the Colonnade Hotel on Thursday December 17.  David Colella, Hotel Managing Director and annual event Chairman once again “hit it out of the park”.  This years charity was the Fisher House, a home for the families of wounded soldiers to stay while their honored hero gets treatment at our Boston Veterans Hospital.  Over 289 members and guests attended this fantastic event and helped to raise thousands of dollars for the Fisher House.  Everyone enjoyed the cocktail reception and luncheon but most of all the entertaining video produced by David and his creative team.  Frank and Ellie Klare,…

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    Skal Boston Member elected as Skal USA Vice President Administration

    Election for National Skal office were held between November 1 – 30 and 51 of 52 clubs, allowing for 58 total votes, cast their votes for candidates for Skal USA (SIUSA) office. Our own Holly Powers was elected as Vice President Administration.  With a potential of 58 votes cast, Holly received 46 votes and her opponent 11 with and one abstention.  Skal Boston has never had a member become a member of the SIUSA Executive Committee. The election results are as follows and this new slate of officers will assume their positions on Thursday, January 7 at the SIUSA Winter Board Meeting in Louisville, KY. Executive Committee President                 …

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    Skal Boston salutes Skal Paris after the Terror Attacks

    Boston’s fantastic Top of the Hub restaurant was the location of our November meeting on the 19th.  The view from the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower was amazing and was only topped by the wonderful cocktail party and luncheon hosted by this famous Boston restaurant. Peter Popagelis, Top of the Hub General Manager welcomed our members and proposed the Skal Toast. President Julie Pagano asked for a moment of silence to recognize those killed and injured in the terror attacks in Parish and she asked Serge Denis to give the Skal Toast in French.  A message of condolence was sent to the President of Skal Paris, who warmly responded.…

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