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SIUSA Winter Board Meeting hosted by Skal Boston

The SIUSA Winter Board Meeting was hosted by Skal Boston Jan 23 – 25, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Boston.

Early arrivals were treated to a dinner at “Cheers” hosted by owner and Skal Boston member, Tom Kershaw.  Most attendees arrived in Boston in time to participate in Skal Bostons January luncheon and installation of officers.  The opening event was hosted by The Lenox Hotel and their General Manager, Dan Donahue, Skal Boston incoming Vice President.  The Winter Board meeting took place at the Hyatt and went from 9AM to 5:45PM on Saturday.  Outgoing President opened the meeting via conference call as he was unable to attend.  He turned the reigns of office over to Martha McClintock.  Observers attended from Albany, NY, Atlanta, Ga., Washington DC, Sacramento, CA, New York and Boston.  The closing dinner was held at “The Top of the Hub” Restaurant hosted by Raphael Oliver, a Skal Boston Member.  The cocktail party was followed by a 5 course dinner with wine.  Bouquets of flowers were given to everyone on departure.

“Thank you SI Boston for all your hospitality and for putting together an amazing event”  Paul Dhadda, SI Sacramento

“Outstanding Event.  Boston exceeded everyone’s expectations for the evening functions, and SI Boston was even able to work out the weather so everyone could arrive in Boston and leave on Sunday.”  Dick Knorpp  SI Washington DC

“Holly, thank you and the Boston club for a sterling experience.  Spending quality time with you and our colleagues was the highlight of the visit.”  John Ruzich, Skal New York

“What an amazing weekend in Boston – thank you and everyone from Skal Boston for hosting us.  It was truly a memorable experience and one I won’t soon forget.”  Dave Ryan, Skal Sacramento