Monthly Meeting

June event at Fenway Park’s 521 Overlook was a home run!

June’s event at the 521 Overlook at Fenway Park was a home run with a massive turnout to enjoy the newly opened space adjacent to Fenway Park. We were treated to Fenway Park’s best, thanks to Casey and the team at Aramark, and Carrie Campbell from the Red Sox. Guests snacked on lobster rolls, Fenway franks, chef-staffed carving stations and no trip to the ballpark is complete without some ice cream.

The 521 Overlook is a new, 7,000 square-foot venue located in centerfield that offers sweeping views of Fenway Park. The name is a reference to the number of home runs Ted Williams hit during his career and, coincidentally, the approximate distance in feet of the space relative to home plate. Designed to accommodate a variety of events of different types and sizes, there are 3 airwalls that can subdivide the space into smaller rooms. The 521 Overlook features a 130-foot-long and 10-foot-high wall of windows that lead to a spacious balcony overlooking the field and ballpark.